Embrace a People Group

South Asia is home to over 1,500 people groups. Of this number, over 450 are still unengaged unreached people groups (UUPGs). We’ve selected the highest priority people groups for your church to consider. Choose one as an integral part of your Great Commission participation.

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Steps to choose a South Asian UUPG to embrace


{ 1 } Understand your church & resources
What would be a good match for your church?  Click here for a list of questions to prayerfully explore with your church.

{ 2Research & Match
We recommend that you look at the highest priority UUPGs in South Asia. See the map for exploring priorities in different areas of South Asia.

{ 3 } Commit, Train & Go
Ready to make a commitment? Contact us to discuss the possibilities. We can help your church training for a longer-term commitment and prepare to go overseas. South Asian peoples and the International Mission Board have resources available to assist in these important steps.

You can register your commitment by completing this online form.


Below are training opportunities and resources.




USA Events & Training:

Embrace the Ends of the Earth Events

Want to know more? These equipping events are a great way for church leaders to refine their understanding of what it means to embrace a UUPG

  • Attend an Embrace Equipping Event
    Are you exploring the option to embrace an unengaged, unreached people group? Or maybe you’re committed to embracing one but you’re not sure where to begin. Come to a one-day Embrace Equipping Conference or a one-day Embrace Lab and learn what you need to know to get started. See Call2Embrace.org for dates and locations of an Embrace Equipping Event.

ASAP 101
This is our pre-field training designed to prepare and equip those desiring to engage South Asian Peoples. If your church is interested in partnering with South Asian Peoples to embrace the ends of the earth join us at this ASAP 101 Training Event.

At the ASAP 101 Training Event you can expect to learn:

  • The Affinity of South Asian Peoples strategy & training philosophy
  • How to select the right UUPG for your church
  • How Abiding, Seeking, Applying, and Planting are used to embrace UUPGs in South Asia
  • How to utilize your Time, Attention, & Resources wisely
  • Practical insights for avoiding cross-cultural pitfalls
  • Tips for safe & secure travel in South Asia

Upcoming events:

Contact us for more information or see the Webinar section of Call2Embrace.org.

Overseas Training:

ASAP 201

After ASAP 101 (South Asian peoples training in the USA), take the next step by coming to the field to be trained on-site as you begin to intersect with South Asian UUPG’s.

As you see for yourself the poverty, hear the clatter of crowds, are surprised by the wealth of some, smell the pungent aromas, are horrified by religious trappings, taste the unique flavors of Indian namkeen and chai, and minister to hurting people, you will feel the Father’s heartbeat for His lost sheep. You will be overwhelmed by people eager to hear about your faith. Though there are few believers, you will find ready, teachable hearts.

• Learn from the strategies of your IMB field workers and begin to team with them. Be inspired as you meet national partners whom God is raising up to take His truth to unreached/unengaged peoples.

• Make friends with South Asian people: drink their tea, talk with them in English and through translators, and touch people’s lives by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Imagine being the first to share Christ with people who have literally never heard the name JESUS!

• Begin to use the tools you’ve been learning. Go into new areas, pray strategically, look for the man of peace, research, map communities, follow the Spirit’s leading…As people respond, gather them for worship and begin to train them to reach their community.

• Return to your church family with a vision and prayer strategy that will strategically involve your church to engage your South Asian UUPG. You will be amazed at the opportunities! You will be changed by the experience!

For more information on dates, costs and to sign up, please contact: email us


Training and Other Resources

  1. South Asian Peoples ASAP 101 booklet (download).This is a concise overview of the South Asian Peoples Embrace process and key concepts. This booklet is one element included in the critical ASAP 101 training (required event for all churches committed to Embracing a South Asian Peoples UUPG).
  2. Click here to find training resources available from IMB.org
  3. South Asians in the USA – maps showing where South Asians are in your state

Travel Services

  1. Travel4ASAP exists to help facilitate travel with partners on the field and in the US. Learn more about discounts and travel services at Travel4ASAP.