South Asian Peoples


Getting the Gospel to Unreached, Unengaged Peoples (UUPGs)


Overview and steps

South Asian peoples make up the greatest concentration of lostness on earth, but your church can make a difference. South Asians represent over 1,900 people groups. Of this number, over 600 are still unengaged, unreached people groups (sometimes called UUPGs). UUPG describes people groups who have no known church planting work among them.

What can you and your church do?

  • Learn. Use this site to discover more about people groups and our top needs. Contact us to find out more about what it means to commit to reaching a UUPG.
  • Pray. Download the South Asian peoples 30-day prayer guide or lead your church in 10 Days of Sacrifice to grow in your understanding of South Asian peoples. (Or, get printed copies at Subscribe to our story and prayer updates, so you can stay up-to-date on and promote South Asian peoples’ prayer needs, upcoming events, news stories and resources.
  • Commit. Your church can commit to reaching UUPGs and move toward planting healthy, reproducing churches. See our Top UUPGs or complete our form below to talk with a representative.

Take these steps:

1. Understand your church and resources.
What would be a good match for your church?  Download a list of questions to use in the prayerful exploration process with your church. (PDF download)

2. Research and match.
We recommend you to start with the UUPGs of highest priority in South Asia. See Top UUPGs for an introduction to South Asia’s priority people groups. Because priorities and needs change, we encourage all our partners to enter into a discussion with one of our representatives before choosing a UUPG.

3. Commit, Train & Go.
Ready to make a commitment? Contact us to discuss the possibilities and people group options. In addition, we can help your church train for a longer-term commitment and prepare to go overseas. IMB South Asian peoples has the resources available to assist in this important process.

Ready to begin? Questions? Complete our simple online form.