East India, Bangladesh and East Diaspora (Asia and Pacific)

ASAP-map-clusters-2012-Cluster3-webChristianity has a rich history here. The Seven Sister States of India have long enjoyed a significant Christian presence, and the city of Kolkata is the site of both William Carey’s and Mother Theresa’s historical efforts.

However, this region is also the site of intense violence. Conflicts with Maoist sympathizers erupt sporadically. Christians in Orissa have suffered brutal persecution from radical religious groups. Bangladesh is a Muslim nation torn by political unrest. Each year some form of violence occurs in this geographic area—either Muslim versus Hindu, Hindu versus Christian, Muslim versus Christian, Maoist versus Hindu, high caste versus low caste or political party rivals.

Beyond the borders of these nations live millions of South Asians, known as the South Asian Diaspora. From Myanmar to Indonesia, Pakistanis, Indians, Nepalis, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, Bhutanese and Maldivians can be found in every major urban area. Though spread throughout Asia and the Pacific, these communities are often even more devoted to their South Asian religions, seeing Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam as a means of maintaining their South Asian identity.

Top 10 UUPGs

PEID Country Entity Name Population Primary Language Primary Religion
48006 India Bania (Assamese) 1,371,543 Assamese – (asm) Hinduism
47914 India Dhoba (Bengali) 709,525 Bengali – (ben) Hinduism
47905 India Mali (Oriya) 654,367 Oriya – (ori) Hinduism
48062 India Kahar (Bengali) 399,667 Bengali – (ben) Hinduism
47906 India Mali (Bengali) 307,613 Oriya – (ori) Hinduism
48036 India Bania (Oriya) 243,539 Bengali – (ben) Hinduism
41640  Bangladesh Mahimal 155,380 Bengali – (ben) Islam
48010  India Bania (Chhattisgarhi) 155,307 Chhattisgarhi – (hne) Hinduism
48368  India Mahisyadas 153,810 Bengali – (ben) Hinduism
47912  India Dhoba (Assamese) 117,149 Assamese – (asm) Hinduism