EotE-events-squareSouth Asian peoples make up the greatest concentration of lostness on earth. Some of those people are still unreached and unengaged (UUPG – unengaged unreached people groups). The Ends of the Earth describes peoples who have no known church planting work among them.

What can you and your church do?

Learn. Find out more about what it means to Embrace an Ends of the Earth UUPG at www.Call2Embrace.org.

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Embrace. South Asia is home to over 1,500 people groups. Of this number, over 450 are still unengaged unreached people groups (UUPGs). Amazingly, 200 of these represent over 95% of the total UUPG population. We’ve selected the highest priority people groups for your church to consider. Choose one as an integral part of your Great Commission participation.

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about what it means to embrace a South Asian people group.

The overall top 5 people groups are shown below the map.

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Top 5 South Asian UUPGs

Area PEID Country People Group Population Primary Religion
1 Central 47953 India Gujjar (Marwari) 3,172,090 Hinduism
2 North 48060 India Kahar (Magahi) 2,668,067 Hinduism
3 East 48006 India Bania (Assamese) 1,371,543 Hinduism
4 South 47925 India Dhobi (Tamil) 953,175 Islam
5 West 12243 United Arab Emirates Malayali 854,143 Islam