theEdge for Short-Term Service

theEdge…supporting you in the journey!

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theEdge is a program of the Affinity of South Asian Peoples that undergirds all short-term personnel as  they engage the lost of South Asia in strategic ways.  theEdge provides a support system to enable short-termers to tackle the challenges  a team faces as it works together to meet its strategic goals.  Short-termers who join theEdge are exposed to leadership development, experienced-based mentoring, and spiritual health with peers and long term personnel in South Asia.

theEdge was created in order to impact lostness in South Asia in strategic ways.  It exists to encourage short-term personnel to be effective cross-cultural team workers.  While some “Edgers” may work in tough and isolated places, fellowship, support and community when needed with others in South Asia are provided.  Opportunities for training and equipping in best practices are provided on teams to assist Edgers in accomplishing the tasks they are called to do.

Meet theEdge Training Team

The “ETT”, as it has come to be called, is made up of a devoted group of career workers who have lived and ministered in many different roles on the field.  God has led each member of this team to desire to invest in the next generation of cross-cultural workers.  Each person on the ETT brings unique gifts, talents, and experiences that will benefit you as you serve in South Asia. The team has a passionate desire to see all the people of South Asia hear, understand, and respond to the gospel.

Your Journey in South Asia

Your journey in South Asia will begin with a 10-day orientation that is interactive and practical.  Helps with engaging the lost, shopping, cooking, riding public transportation, and language learning are offered during this orientation.  Often veteran Edgers lead the modules being offered to new Edgers.
Learning the language and the culture of the people you will be working with will be of great importance.  Following orientation and the meeting of your supervisor/team, attention will be given to language/cultural learning.  It will demand a lot of your time and effort.  Although the affinity desires that each Edger gets three months of full time language learning, Edgers remain language/cultural learners for the duration of their terms.
Throughout your journey, theETT is committed to supporting you through communication and personal contacts, providing pastoral care, spiritual advice and mentorship as needed.

For more information regarding IMB 2-3 year service options visit