South Asian Peoples

Summit Feature

IMAGINE joining the Author of all history in One Sacred Effort to reach South Asian Peoples

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Evangelism & Discipleship Resource

Grow in sharing the Good News with South Asians.

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Caravan Friends Link

Explore missions in Asia with Zeke and the Caravan!

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Fast Facts Info

Fast Facts on South Asian Peoples

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Henna and the Gospel Booklet Booklet

Gather your friends and host a henna party in your home or church! Learn how to make henna, illustrate Bible stories, prepare traditional foods, and pray for women who live in henna cultures.

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Get Involved

Use Mobiles in Ministry Resource

Mobile devices, like phones and tablets, can be a great tool for sharing the Good News.

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IMB South Asia

"He came to my house to install a fan, & left found in the Lord!" -Bob*, Christian worker in S Asia. #becauseyougive Last yr, we asked u 2 pray 4 a #TCK who was hospitalized w/ vomiting. He recovered, but this week he was hospitalized again. #PRAY 4 Carson! Thank you, Jesus!! // @SamaritansPurse Kent ran out of the isolation area giving high fives to his treatment team.